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Online Learning (LMS)

Learner Management System Driving Powerful Upskilling


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As part of our offering, we have created a “Getting started with video creation” course that explains what you will need to start creating video training material, and it also includes a section on how to create content that drives a change in behaviour.

Sharing insights regarding best practices.

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White Label

Add your branding to our platform and present it on a custom URL to make it your own.

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Simple Interface

A clean, easy-to-use and beautiful interface not just for the end-user but also for the instructor and administrators.

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Reliable and Secure

Protect your content behind a secure login and stop users from being able to download your video and sharing it with others.

how our LMS can help you succeed

Use cases

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1. Onboarding new staff

Empower your staff to better understand your unique approach and become a valued member of the team.

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2. Improve compliance

Ensure that each new hire goes through the various policy documents guaranteeing that you are compliant and reducing your liability.

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3. Share your vision

Get your whole team on the same ship heading in the same direction by sharing your vision, mission and value statements.

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4. Institute new processes

Rapidly deploy new processes, outlining ways in which work must be done, clarifying expected outcomes and explaining acceptable risk in a way that drives innovation and minimises risk.

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5. Deploy new systems

Make sure your team knows how to use the tools at their disposal to their full potential and in a responsible manner.

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6. Centralise information

Get the information out of the heads of a few key team members and into the hands of your entire team so that if for some reason a key person is not available, the information is not lost.

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7. Meaningful internships

Turn your internship program into a powerful opportunity to identify new stars by giving your interns meaningful work that they have been trained on.

Included in this services

Online Learning (LMS) Features

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Unlimited courses, modules and students.

Fun and fun again.


Give badges once specific criteria have been met.

Woman get graduation hold with paper certificate

Branded certificates

Award certificates once a course has successfully been completed.


Assignments and questionnaires

Assess your users' knowledge through assignments and questionnaires at any point in the course.

Managers are using tablets to analyze sales cost reports and explain summary reports

Tracking and reporting

Gain insights into how your users are engaging with the platform and generate reports.

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Auto-evaluate questionnaires

Setup questionnaires that can automatically be evaluated. Optionally, you can stop a user from proceeding if they don't get a certain number of answers correct.

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Managing users and roles

You have full control over which users inherit which roles, at the same time ensuring unwanted users do not have access.

Texting on the mobile

Anytime, anywhere and any-device access

Empower your users to access content on any device that has a reliable internet connection.

Search engine home page

Searchable content

Allow your users to search your content to gain specific insights fast.

Answering messages

Messaging and notifications

Send messages and notifications to all users, or users enrolled only in a specific course.

Password on screen

Single sign-on

You have the option to limit a user to one device logged in at a time in order to ensure users can't share login details.

Secure the coomunication


Secure transmission of data via SSL encryption.


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