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Brand Building

Make a Great First Impression


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Branding is more than having a pretty logo and doing a bit of marketing. It is about creating a compelling story that is told every time your client engages with your business no matter who they interact with.

Let’s make it a story they won’t soon forget.

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We Understand

There is a science behind how the brain connects with brands and creates brand loyalty.

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Scalable & Timeless

Great brands are timeless and do not follow trends, they are instead movements that create trends as a side effect.

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Extensive Experience

It’s our passion to help you build a great brand and guide you through the process of sending it out into the world.

Included in this services

Brand Building Features

Solid Project Brand Building Company Profiles - Company Profiles

Capture the core message of your business in a beautifully designed profile. Don’t try to communicate too much, instead focus on the essential information accompanied by compelling imagery.

This can then be distributed in a beautifully printed book, a classic album situated in your waiting room, or digitally via email and on your website.

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A logo must be easy to recognise, clutter-free and have readable text. Whether you need a new logo or maybe just a face-lift, we can help.

We can also create 3D logos from most flat logos to help your brand stand out even more.

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A distinct brand is more valuable than ever. Even Warren Buffet broke his rules for investing, when he invested in the brand American Express, one of his best investments of all time.

Psychologists have found that the average consumer is experiencing stress due to a large number of brands available to choose from. Take something simple like buying toothpaste – there are nearly 100 options to choose from. Because of this people are relying more on instinctual decision making.

Our workshops and consultation sessions are aimed at assisting you to reach your ideal audience and helping them to choose your brand, based on value and not just price.

Good brands use design to stand out – great brands use a story to draw in.


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