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Compelling Content

Tell Your Story Right


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Video productions and photography draw the viewer in like no other form of media. Use compelling content to stay top-of-mind and convert sceptics into brand advocates.

Your image reflects what you do.

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Enormously Engaging

Great visuals draw the viewer in like no other form of communication. If you want to engage your audience enormously, nothing works better than video.

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Story Oriented

Information presented incorrectly is quickly forgotten, but wrapped in a narrative it can become a force that drives your core message forward and makes your business unforgettable.

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Convince Them

The amount of information communicated through visuals is huge. A picture is worth a thousand words and 1 minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.

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Compelling Content Features

Solid Project Service Compelling Content Video Productions 515x450 - Video Productions

VIDEO TYPES: Corporate • Product • Promotional • Event • Training • Animated • Explanatory

Don’t just tell them, show your customer what they can expect when doing business with you. Let them know why you exist, how passionate you are in delivering unrivalled service and what solution you have to their problems. Capture all of this and more in a video production.

Solid Project Service Compelling Content Photography 515x450 - Photography

PHOTOGRAPHY TYPES: Headshot • Team • Architecture/Construction • Product • Event • Location

We pay attention to every detail and ensure that all our photos represent your brand and its themes. From making sure that the subjects of our headshots have a catch light in their eyes, which makes them seem more vibrant, to editing out blemishes, you are in good hands.

Solid Project Service Compelling ContentArial Photography 515x450 - Aerial Filming & Photography

AERIAL PRODUCTION TYPES: Building/Construction Shoot • Cinematography Shoot • Location Survey/Scouting • Product/Equipment Shoot • Development Progress Shoot

Our aerial productions are a lot more than flat images and boring videos. We enhance the details and add visual effects to communicate key information creatively. We can also create 3D point cloud models for surveying projects, a stunning format to use when reporting back to stakeholders as they can view the project from any angle.

Solid Project Service Compelling Content 3D Visualisations2 515x450 - 3D Visualisation

VISUALISATION TYPES: Building Project • Product Prototype • Site Layout

Seeing is believing. It’s difficult for most people to commit to something that they cannot see. Using 3D visualisation to present ideas to them will get them excited about the project. This is also an excellent way to illustrate your idea when submitting your patent application.


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